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Distinctive Brand Assets

In order for any marketing effort to succeed a business must be recognisable, distinctive and have a mental and physical presence in the customer's mind and daily life otherwise you don't have a business with any value to it.

Your brand, its unique identity, characteristics, values and its distinctiveness is what allows a business to be scaled and to cultivate a relationship with its customers, which ultimately drives growth and is what is valued most by investors.

Hence every business needs to have Distinctive Brand Assets, the company needs to ensure the Mental Availability of their brand and Physical Availability of their products and services. We provide an array of services to help accomplish this.



We are experienced in producing high quality corporate, business and brand stories. Executing them in with bespoke design and premium print finishes key for luxury brands or properties.

Company Profiles

We articulate what a business is all about by highlighting what drives its value, and showcasing the people and culture behind it.

Coffee Table Books

Describe the service and how customers or clients can benefit from it. This is the place to add a short description with relevant details, like pricing, duration and how to book.


We create high quality branded websites that convey the brand story in a compelling and immersive manner.

Consultants in Charge

Sandeep Juneja

Sandeep Juneja

Awards Director

Sandeep founded SJA in 2006 and has led the account servicing function since 2006. He is fluent in English, and Hindi, and is currently pursuing his Executive MBA from the prestigious Kedge Business School in France.

Rishab Juneja

Rishab Juneja

Content Director

Rishab joined Sandeep Juneja & Associates in 2009 and has since been a key member of the team growing in his role to leading the Editorial and Content division. Rishab is fluent in English and Hindi.


What is a Brand Audit?

This is where we evaluate your key brand assets like your website, company profile, sales brochures to gauge whether they represent the company's values, whether they are aligned to the business plan and goals, as well as whether they are visually consistent and in line with the corporate branding. This is an extensive exercise and can take upto 90 days to complete and report on.

Why is a Corporate or Brand Identity important?

A business is only valuable to investors if it meets certain criteria, one of these is the ability for a customer to recognize it from an array of products. Even more valuable are associative traits - if most of the customers of the brand can distinguish it from other products and prefer it because they associate it with certain values or characteristics then the business is even more valuable.

What is Brand Activation?

This is when a brand creates strategic brand assets that enable it to increase the brand's Mental Availability and enhance its Physical Availability. For example an engaging, captivating and easy to use website or a new in-store sales display.

Corporate Identity, Product Brand Design, Project Marketing Collaterals


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