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Sandeep founded SJA in 2006 and has led the account servicing function since 2006. He is fluent in English, and Hindi, and is currently pursuing his Executive MBA from the prestigious Kedge Business School in France.

In his current role he helps clients with their strategy, brand and marketing and is a seasoned specialist at segmenting and positioning property developers, professional service firms and B2B businesses in the marketplace. He is also experienced in handling submissions and advising about the various Awards, Accolades and Accreditations.


Sandeep's recommendations, reports and advice is steeped in his years of extensive experience and a keen business savvy and acumen few agencies can provide or match. A believer in cost effective, pragmatic solutions that are evidence based, he helps businesses schale and grow.

As an Awards Advisor, Consultant and Expert he has been involved in hundreds of submissions, worked extensively with many award bodies and has deep insights into the how judging is carried out, what scoring methodologies tend to be used and prepare submissions of an unparalleled quality.


Sandeep is a Fellow of the (British) Institute of Leadership, Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Chartered Management Institute.

He has repositioned more than a dozen companies in the market place, from overseeing their rebrand to completely revamping their value proposition, sales strategy and digitisation.  

He is an accomplished writer, editor, public relations specialist with a solutions oriented mindset, entrepreneurally driven he has a breath of general knowledge and a large network.

Practice Areas

Awards, Accolates and Accreditations: key to enhance the brand value and reputation of companies. 

Brand Audit and Identity: key to ensuring the success of any marketing exercises is the distinctiveness of a busineeses Brand Assets, as well and the mental and physical availability. We provide an audit, corrective measures and proposed budget and timeline.

Market Segmentation and Positioning: key to business success, we focus on creating and building unique competitive advantages that cannot be easily duplicated by the competition.

Digitisation and eCommerce: key to the scaling, growth and value of the business is its systems, processes and ability to replicate performance. We advise and provide solutions to transform productivity, improve compliance and enter new markets.

Awards Director

Sandeep Juneja

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