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Understand your business to Innovate with Confidence

We help businesses articulate their vision and mission into actionable plans with budgets, goals, timelines and targeted results. We document their processes so that they can be scaled and replicated. We advise and help shape policies on sustainability, ethics, and diversity to build a scalable and compliant business.

The vast majority of SMEs and smaller public listed companies have absolutely no idea as to who their customers are, what their traits are and how to remarket to them. Often this is result of a lack of concrete and detailed business planning.

We can help build a business plan both for the current year and a strategic one for the next three years, create strategy and marketing plans as well as building a customer database and route to activation.


Brand Audit

We help companies improve sales, client retention and market share growth in various ways. A Brand Audit is key to ascertaining the distinctiveness and mental availability of the brand.

Consultants in Charge

Sandeep Juneja

Sandeep Juneja

Awards Director

Sandeep founded SJA in 2006 and has led the account servicing function since 2006. He is fluent in English, and Hindi, and is currently pursuing his Executive MBA from the prestigious Kedge Business School in France.


Do I really need a Business Plan? Honestly, what purpose does it serve?

A business without a Business Plan is like a ship without a compass. Financial Projections, major decisions and marketing activities all become the by-product of a business operating without any direction, accountability or focus. This will result in highly inconsistent decision making, lack of clarity and direction and will handicap the business preventing it from scaling and growing.

Do I need a Strategy Audit? and what is this really?

A Strategy Audit examines a businesses competitive advantages, how to develop them where none exist or how to enhance what there is. There are a number of frameworks to facilitate this such as the Blue Ocean Strategy, Porter's Framework and so on. This can reframe and transform the business creating hyper growth and super profits.

Why do businesses need a periodic Strategy Audit?

The focus of a Strategy Audit is to determine what a business's competitive advantages are, and how to develop or enhance these further. There are a number of frameworks to facilitate this and it will involve in-depth interviews with staff, customers and vendors across various divisions or department. These detailed insights can transform the business and is invaluable.

Strategy Audits, Brand Audits, Marketing Audits, Customer Persona Mapping, Marketing Plans


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