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Our Expertise
Our experience and expertise over the years allows us to provide clients with a high level of insight and advisory at various levels, improving both; their submissions as well as their products, operations  and business know how.

Providing a frank and honest evaluation from the early stages, of the chances and making alternative recommendations where necessary.


We share the latest market trends, best practices and innovations that are defining the industry, allowing our clients a macro perspective of what is happening and how to position themselves better for the awards.

Submission Strategy & Approach

Advising on improvements, materials, new avenues to differentiate the product, service or company; to increase its appeal and chances. This will enable us to effectively carry out a Sensitivity Scoring Study.

Qualification Analysis

We use the right language and terminology relevant to the award to enhance the submission and endear it with the judges.


Case Writing

We will carry out scoring acid tests to see how the project is likely to fare under a variety of judging scenarios. This will help manage expectations and enhance our submission strategy.


Scoring Study

As we see and produce submissions all year around, we have a much better grasp of what is outstanding and therefore we can present a unique and appealing case for each client to the judging awards body.

Submission Design & Production

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