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Where We Excel

Our Areas of Expertise

At Sandeep Juneja & Associates, we take pride in our passion for our work. We are highly dedicated and detail oriented, and we strive to bring our best to every single project we work on.


Our skilled team operates with precision and ensures that every detail is accounted for, down to the last minute detail.

We believe in being obsessed with providing our clients with exceptional service and results, and we stand by that promise with every project we undertake.

Gold and Leather fabric coffee table book and International Property Award submission for property developer LBS Berhad


We handle over 30 different awards and are the Official Agency for the International Hotel Awards, International Property Awards and the Exclusive Agent in East Asia for the OPAL Awards


In order for any marketing effort to succeed a business must be recognisable, distinctive and have a mental and physical presence in the customer's mind and daily life otherwise you don't have a business with any value to it.


We help clients position their chief executives as thought leaders and their companies as leaders in the forefront of the industry through engaging content.


We offer a variety of go-to-market activation options especially suited to B2B businesses and Property Developers through a segmented and targeted approach.


We help businesses articulate their vision and mission into actionable plans with budgets, goals, timelines and targeted results. We document their processes so that they can be scaled and replicated. We advise and help shape policies on sustainability, ethics, and diversity to build a scalable and compliant business.

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