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Rishab joined Sandeep Juneja & Associates in 2009 and has since been a key member of the team growing in his role to leading the Editorial and Content division. Rishab is fluent in English and Hindi.

Rishab has personally written and compiled over a hundred award submissions, numerous coffee table books and Luxury Property Brochures. He leads a team of writers, researchers and editors, overseeing the creation and production of all of our content and submissions to high standard.


Rishab is an active learner, currently pursuing his Executive MBA from the acclaimed Kedge Business School in Bordeaux, France. He is detail oriented, entrepreneurial minded and solutions oriented. His case writing and positioning of projects for judging is an invaluable asset. As are his insights on the written and unwritten rules and regulations of some of the key awards, the scoring methodology, the weightage of the various criteria and more


Rishab has handled over 400 award submissions with the vast majority wiining. 

He has written over 50 coffee table books, company profiles and Product Brochures.  

He is currently pursuing his Executive MBA from Kedge Business School which is ranked at #37 worldwide for its Triple Crown accredited course.

Practice Areas

Advertorials: we produce high quality copy that is engaging and memorable.

Award Submission Portfolios: we specialise in putting together masterful winning portfolios that continue to ensure victory for our clients at some of world's most prestigious and competitive awards.

Brochures: we create beautiful, bespoke luxury brochures for high end property developments, products and services.

Coffee Table Books: we craft and produce detailed histories of companies, products, brands ensuring these are documented and captured for the benefit of future generations.

Company Profiles: we are experts at caputring and filtering the essence and value of a business into a profile that is essential to securing funding, government concessions and much more.

Content Director

Rishab Juneja

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