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We transform and re-position businesses helping them rapidly increase sales, market share and profitability.

About Us


Sandeep Juneja & Associates is a business turnaround specialist and strategy consultancy focused on market repositioning exercises, we transform businesses into key players by unleashing their potential and rapidly accelerating their growth in sales, market share and profitability through a myriad of strategies.

We have a proven track record of transforming businesses into market leaders or key players by creating strategic plans, improving vital operational processes, differentiating them from their competitors, repositioning them to seize poorly held market positions, underserved niches and gaps through a battery of visibility and marketing. 



Many SME businesses are "accidental" businesses, they were never set up with any business plan or processes. Instead old fashioned ingenuity, hard work and grit shaped their success and early growth. As time changes so do trends, customer preferences, demand. This necessitates a fresh approach grounded on solid planning and processes, to ensure successful change and transformation.


We help find and define your competitive advantage, and look for opportunities and competitor weaknesses to exploit such as underserved segments, unexploited market gaps and poorly held market positions that can be taken rapidly. Here understanding your customer is absolutely vital, their profile determines their buying triggers and the psychological response to marketing and sales efforts, their service expectations all of which will determine the future trejectory of the business. 


We review your sales and customer service processes including how you collect leads, manage and engage them and service and build relationships. Many businesses have little or no data, no processes, the vast majority have not even digitised they key functions; usually its because they don't know where to begin and what steps to take. We help guide you through the process.


Logo of colliers international malaysia, a past client of Sandeep Juneja & Associates, business turnaround specialists and strategy consultants
UHY a client of Sandeep Juneja & Asscoates was successfully repositioned to become highly profitable
UM Land Berhad is a past client of Sandeep Juneja & Associates who repositioned some of their projects to sell faster and at better prices
Holcim Malaysia a client of Sandeep Juneja & Associates was transformed and repositioned successfully
Horizen a current client of Sandeep Juneja & Asscoiates is undergoing a positioning exercise


“Working with Sandeep was a game-changer for our business. His expertise in repositioning us from a contractor to a boutique, high-end property developer - an already crowded space - was distinct, aggressive and effective.”

Frankie Tan, Namfatt Corporation 

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