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  • Sandeep Juneja

Seizing Opportunity in Uncharted Waters: The Untapped Potential of the Single Apartment Condominium category of the International Property Awards

Updated: Apr 6

Caption: Showcase our client NYE Estates Limited and their win at the 2022 International Property Awards for Best Office Development Asia Pacific.

The world, as we knew it, transformed during the pandemic, catalyzing changes across industries. The International Property Awards (IPA), a beacon of recognition in real estate excellence, was no exception, introducing several new categories amidst the global upheaval. Yet, curiously, these additions have slipped under the radar, an oversight that shrewd newcomers and boutique developers should view as a golden ticket.

The real estate arena is notoriously competitive, a battleground where only the finest emerge victorious. Traditional categories are arenas of fierce competition, where every developer throws their hat in the ring, hoping for recognition. However, the introduction of these new categories opens a backdoor of sorts into the most coveted category segment of this highly contested world.

Let's cut to the chase: when the accolade of "Best Single Apartment / Condominium" is announced, it's the prestige that echoes, not the specifics. Few, if any, lay buyers dissect the category's title for its "single" qualifier. They hear "best" and "condominium," and the allure is cast. A savvy developer will see assuredly see value in this.

Breaking into the Apartment Condominium Development category has always seemed daunting, if not impossible, without a property that defies expectations. Herein lies the crux: the new category represents a red carpet into the realm of recognition, a chance to stand out without the Herculean effort previously required to even get noticed the mainstream categories.

For the bold, the innovative, and the boutique — the pandemic has inadvertently laid the foundation for a coup within the property awards scene. It's an invitation to challenge the status quo, to enter the fray not as underdogs, but as contenders with a real shot at glory. The question is, who will seize this opportunity to not just enter the mainstream but to redefine it?

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