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IPA Replaces Property Single Unit Category With Residential Property Category

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

In what for us has been a long awaited move, the International Property Awards has replaced their 'Property Single Unit' category with a new category named 'Residential Property', across all their regional awards. Essentially this is a move to broaden the definition of the category so that a depth of projects entering the awards will get more legitimacy than the current category names and definitions afford them.

This we feel was a move overdue for sometime and it is excellent that the International Property Awards has taken steps in the 2017 cycle to address emerging gaps between these market requirements and the awards which are now 24 years old.

Previously properties that were not exactly single residences, for example dual homes like townhouses that are now becoming very popular due to the rising prices of properties worldwide or single homes with multiple residences within them; were basically hung between being categorised as a single residence and being categorised as a larger scaled multiple unit development which such properties are not. This clears the way and removes any concerns or doubts project owners or developers of 3 generation homes in asia, townhouses or walk up apartment type residences that cannot meet the 'Apartment' category criteria; may have for entering their developments in the awards.

However, single property homes that are outstanding and unique, luxurious and filled with character; has and still is the bastion of what this category is all about. Developers with other offerings that are in-between need to bear in mind that the criteria remains unchanged so while they may have reworked their product to make it more sellable or affordable, a compromise on luxury, uniqueness and character won't work in their favour when it comes to winning this award.

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