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Over the past decade and a half we've helped companies of varying sizes, from 10 staff to 3000, from RM 1 mil to well over RM 200 mil; to grow by improving their competitiveness and visibility. These are key drivers of a businesses revenue, market share and profitability.

Repositioning Holcim: Malaysia's green cement leader


When Holcim Malaysia approached us, they were looking to increase sales revenue and grow their market share, which had stagnated in recent years. Initially, they had planned to advertise on a series of billboards across major highways in Southern Peninsula Malaysia. However, we recognized that a more strategic approach was needed to achieve their goals.



Our challenge was to help Holcim Malaysia reposition their brand and products in the market, and to create a strategy that would increase their visibility and drive sales.



Instead of relying solely on billboard advertising, our team suggested a comprehensive strategy that combined pr and brand visibility both earned and paid media across influential business and news outlets. To achieve this, we conducted a thorough analysis of the business and provided strategic counsel for a complete repositioning effort.


The solution we recommended included the following:

* Leveraging new, in-development products

* Rebranding and launching these products 

* Repackaging existing products

* Changing the sales strategy and approach

* Developing new sales brochures and brand collateral, such as a new company profile, new product packaging, and sales presentation kits.

* Billboards, new signage and repainting of their delivery fleet and some parts of their key facilities.



By implementing these changes, we were able to achieve remarkable results for Holcim Malaysia, including:


* Significant increase in sales revenue from RM132 million to RM206 million.

* It immensely boosted employee morale and talent retention, and

* Led to the company being awarded a number of large state government contracts at the start of the following year. 

* A number new clients secured with substantial medium term contacts.



By focusing on a comprehensive approach, rather than a single campaign, and changing their market position Holcim Malaysia was able to achieve sustained success and growth.

Holcim Malaysia a past client of Sandeep Juneja & Associates was transformed and repositioned, successfully increasing revenue and market share significantly

Repositioning UHY: Moving From Low Margin Audit and Tax Services to High Profit Forensic Accounting Services


When UHY approached us, they were looking to run a series of advertisements to increase their brand awareness and generate more leads. However, after a thorough analysis of their business and market, we identified a better opportunity for them. By repositioning themselves as specialists in Forensic Accounting Specialists, they could increase their profitability and differentiate themselves from the competition. Here's how we helped UHY achieve success with this strategy.



UHY was facing several challenges in their business, including:

* Low profit margins for their audit and tax services, which required a large team to support.

* Limited brand awareness and recognition in the market.

* Lack of differentiation from other accounting firms.



To help UHY overcome these challenges, we developed a repositioning strategy that included:

* Conducting a thorough analysis of their business and market to identify opportunities for differentiation.

* Recommending a repositioning as a Specialist in Forensic Accounting Services, which had higher profit margins and required less staffing resources per client.

* Creating a comprehensive marketing plan that included a press conference, interviews, articles, industry talks, and more to promote the new positioning.

* Advising on changes to the signage and office layout to distinguish the new division from the rest of the business.



UHY was able to achieve significant results, including:

* Increased profitability and revenue growth, thanks to the higher profit margins of their Forensic Accounting Services.

* Strong brand recognition and awareness in the market, thanks to the comprehensive marketing plan.

* Improved differentiation from other accounting firms, thanks to the unique positioning as a specialist in Forensic Accounting Services.

* Significant business growth, including the acquisition of competing firms in other states and the expansion of their team.

UHY Malaysia a client of Sandeep Juneja & Associates underwent a rapid repositoning enabling it to grow rapidly

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Holcim Malaysia a past client of Sandeep Juneja & Associates was transformed and repositioned, successfully increasing revenue and market share significantly


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