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Many businesses in the ASEAN region are "accidental" businesses, they were never set up with any business plan or processes. Instead old fashioned ingenuity, hard work and grit shaped their success and early growth. As time changes so do trends, customer preferences, demand. This necessitates a fresh approach grounded on solid planning and processes, to ensure successful change and transformation.

This will entail a comprehensive marketing plan, digitisation of the business, launching of new services or products, changing the packaging, pricing or even the formulation of existing products, changing the key messages and brand story where required.


We help find and define your competitive advantage, and look for opportunities and competitor weaknesses to exploit; such as underserved segments, unexploited market gaps and poorly held market positions that can be taken rapidly.


Here understanding your customer is absolutely vital, their profile determines their buying triggers and the psychological response to marketing and sales efforts, their service expectations all of which will define the future trajectory of the business. 

We use research and insight along with a deep understanding of the business's visibility, activities and efforts helps map its current position while determining where it should be and charting a path to this. 


We review your sales and customer service processes including how you collect leads, manage and engage them and service and build relationships. Most small and mid-size businesses have little or no data, no processes, the vast majority have not even digitised they key functions. 

Documenting the current processes, establishing new ones and digitising them, reviewing engagement, brand visibility and loyalty and reshaping these to build a reliable business revenue base.


Key messages and key images are essential elements of a strong and effective brand story. They can improve the growth and performance of a business by creating a clear and consistent brand story that resonates with its target audience. Defining and crafting these ensure that marketing efforts are focused on communicating the most important aspects of the brand to its target audience.

We select, adopt or create visual elements to support the messaging and ensure it is memorable and imbibes specific qualities or values that will support the delivery of this messaging on every brand asset and channel.


When a business consistently provides valuable and informative content, it can help to establish them as a trusted authority in their industry, and gain visibility and traction. By positioning themselves as experts in their field, they can demonstrate their unique value proposition and show how they are different from other companies.

We research, create, manage and disseminate original insights and perspectives content to targeted audiences, through a variety of channels, arrange speaking engagements, panel participation and ghost write white papers for your business and its spokesperson. This is key to differentiating a business or brand from competitors and increases brand awareness, customer loyalty, and sales.​

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