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UDA Holdings Berhad

As part of their emerging brand experience UDA wanted to create a homebuyer's kit for its handover of Gaya Bangsar and Sinaran TTDI condominiums. We were asked to create something that the buyers would appreciate, not just as a keepsake but for it's practicality and usefulness. For this we targeted 2 audiences, first time homeowners and buyers who have not moved in a long time. The content includes extensive checklists, unit, floor and building plans, house rules, and space to file the SPA and other documents and lastly familiarize themselves with the location and the amenities and facilities in the area. We maintained a different theme aligned to the character of each development.

Handover Kits Ring File
Handover Kits Ring File


UDA is a Malaysian company engaged in property development, property management and the leisure industry with a high focus on planned urban developments. The company's property development division is involved in the redevelopment of new townships, public housing, recreation, hotels, commercial centres and industrial premises. We were engaged with UDA on two occasions. Both these occasions were concerned with the urban residential development projects, one being 'Gaya' in Bangsar and the other 'Sinaran' along TTDI.