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TFDC Asiacorp

Land investment has historically been the forte of large development companies or wealthy individuals. TFDC is changing this, with our help, malaysia's very first property development investment scheme is launched. This was a very interesting assignment, with so many land banking and investment scandals our focus was firstly, to differentiate TFDC and position them as an alternative investment house, secondly to establish credibility for the principles before moving to a public awareness campaign. Documentary style
In-depth features, high profile exclusive interviews and sophisticated media strategies were deployed.

Public Relations
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Public Relations


Land banking has always been a controversial topic in the Malaysian community as many scams have taken place in the past few years. Our biggest challenge was to first remove this negative perception from the media before our awareness campaign began.

We undertook extensive research and due diligence to understand and acquire knowledge of TFDC's operations and the investment market in which it was going to begin operating within. Given the stringent regulations from the Companies Commission of Malaysia, our key message development and communications and media strategies was carefully built with our expertise and collaboration within our local and international offices.


It was necessary first to remove all negative notions as well as build the client's reputation in the media as a credible and officially accredited alternative investment house. We conveyed a consistent message which helped build their reputation and awareness through transparency and rigorous pre-launch branding.


Among our achievements on this assignment is that we have successfully positioned the CEO of TFDC Asiacorp Berhad, Mr. William Ng as an authority in global pre-development land investment in various highly respected traditional print and broadcast media, including BERNAMA, News Strait Times, Utusan, Harian Metro, The Star as well as through various online media.