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Our company oversaw the rebranding and identity redesign of one of Malaysia's leading security provider, Stinger Electrical Fences. After coming over to Malaysia and evaluating the market here, the company decided to incorporate a more efficient marketing and branding approach. This is where we were initiated to come and oversee a complete branding exercise in order to place our client as an upcoming marketing leader providing the best solutions in security.

In addition to this, we also revamped SEF's corporate website for which we focused on creating a seamless web surfing experience allowing information to be easily and quickly accessed.

Website Design
Identity & Branding
Identity & Branding


We designed SEF's corporate website for all platforms, themed with a simple and elegant design, matching the signature colors of the company with the need for a visual emphasis, the website is informative, easy to navigate and offers an easy browsing experience.


We designed the company’s new and improved name cards based on the company’s signature colours.