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Reeta Juneja Inc

International spa consultant and South Asia's leading

phys-essentialist and medical practitioner of aromatherapy Reeta Juneja's love affair with aromatherapy and spas began almost three decades ago; she has since consulted for some of the spa and beauty industry's biggest, most respected names.

The Reeta Juneja Spa, an affiliate company of our group, is a spa setup providing management and turnkey project consultancy for which we manage all brand communications ranging from the brand identity to brochures and the corporate website.

On this account, we manage the public relations of the brand regionally and are actively building the company's profile with the media that will enhance and effectively draw enquiries for these niche services. Aside from this, the existing website is one of our most elegant design creations.

Now, a decade later, Reeta Juneja will be re-opening office in Malaysia, offering an array of consulting services to hotels, spas, and beauty and wellness related businesses next year.

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Company profile


Our digital work is shaped and defined by an overall communications strategy that has a deep routed emphasis on a strong online presence. The website is visually unique, each page carefully crafted by a team a senior art directors focusing on creating a smooth browsing experience. The website works across all browsers, mac, pc, table and mobile platforms and has been developed to ensure information is easily and quickly accessible.


The packaging design embodies the essence of the brands core values: quality, sustainability, and innovation. Our design uses environmentally friendly materials, printing processes and finishes; offering a balance between luxury and sustainability.


The entire brand places an emphasis on visual play. The project is designed to engage the reader.