• Rebrand of PMHA

• Website Design

PMHA Hibiscus Award

In late 2010 we were engaged to revitalize the Prime Minister's Hibiscus Award (PMHA). The council that manages the award felt more needed to be done to give better access to information for the convenience of participants and prospective participants and to ensure that it is presented in a highly effective manner. The first step in this was to completely revamp the outdated awards website, not only update it so that the information is accurate and relevant but completely redesign it so that information is quickly and easily found and that the home page is precise, interesting and encourages prospects to register and participate in the award.

The Entry Pack was the second stage. We revisited all the information typically provided to participants and found this to be fragmented, sometimes repetitive and decided to consolidate and update it into a single package. A detailed entry pack that was totally redesigned to give the awards a highly professional appeal, while giving the information out in a manner that is easy to digest and appealing to peruse. This can be downloaded directly from the website.

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A simple, elegant and informative website was created to provide participant with relevant informationand a detailed overview of the awards history and growth.


Prior to our involvement PMHA would send out close to a dozen documents with varying information for registration, requirement etc and handled a high level of repetitive enquiries regarding deadlines and other pertinent information. We created the entry pack to incorporate all this and more, saving PMHA employees time recources as well as greatly improving the convenience to applicants.