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OSK Property Berhad

Our began in 2008, as a growing but new player in the property sector there was a lot of concern on ensuring the right marketing and communication tools were deployed but that this should be at a very reasonable cost. The other important consideration was for these to be manageable in the sense that there should be room to grow or enhance such tools organically as the company grew.

We began demolishing the varying individual project and company website created under different administrators and building a new state of the art website which would integrate the latest projects and corporate information seemlessly and elegantly. OSK receives a monthly average of 140 -180 purchaser enquiries significantly reducing their dependance on media buying exhibitions and roadshows. Vastly improving their marketing & branding efficiencies. Since early this year our work scope has expanded to incorporate key corporate communications such as profiles, reports, award submissions and communications strategy. Our focus is to create the infrastructure and readiness necessary for the dynamic growth our client is experiencing.


In 2008, we created the corporate websites for the property division. At the time, it was the industry's best website beautifully integrating all projects under the group seemlessly providing an excellent, web browsing experience an upgrade in 2010 allow this to be viewed and enjoyed on tablets and large mobile devices.


Living East, is a quarterly lifestyle magazine published by our agency for OSK Property Berhad. It is designed to elevate their brand and create greater brand awareness in the market amongst agents, quality suppliers, and property investors as well as to build brand loyalty amongst existing buyers of OSK's property. We believe it will also be a highly effective marketing tool to introduce new buyers or stakeholders to the company and their work.


We handled the FIABCI submission for the group, following the result announcement we provide an analysis and advisory to determine areas of improvement.