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Repositioning swiss multinational cement and concrete conglomerate Holcim's Malaysian operation as a premium solutions provider and trusted partner for the construction industry locally is a mammoth undertaken, we are proud to be the agency and partner for all their communication and marketing needs.

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In mid 2011, Holcim Malaysia, a part of the international Swiss cement and concrete coglomerate appointed us as their strategic public relations agency. After a 6 week review of their business we began a major repositioning exercise to transform Holcim into a premium building materials provider.

This involved the deployment of a series of new strategies which will continue to be staggered over the next 2 years and has enabled us to generate extensive publicity carrying key messages in print, online and broadcast media that will shape public perception and improve brand awareness.

This is being achieved through documentary style coverage of the products, service and value Holcim is offering, as well as features and that compliments' coverage on the business and is strong drawing interest from major contractors and the government.

Close to a million ringgit worth of publicity has been generated to date and key strategic brand assets are either being realigned or developed from scratch as a part of our strategic repositioning of Holcim as a premium solutions provider and trusted partner for the construction industry."


We regularly deploy the use of educative, informative and captivating articles by senior journliasts for new products and processes. As Holcim's agency we were able to ascertain proof of the company being Malaysia's first green cement manufacturer and built an entire mini campaign around it. This exercise was strategized and built into our solution and strategy for the repositioning of Holcim from the very start of our engagement almost half a year prior to this launch. Extensive Pre and Post launch coverage was secured boosting awareness and brand perception both in the construction industry and with key government departments active in development. The following page shows a small selection of recent articles.