Public Relations

Public relations is a communication medium for a company, organization and even individual to increase reputation, create awareness, attract talent and build brand appeal to drive sales and growth. Public relations can also be tailored to target specific stakeholders and communicate strategic information to them with credibility, something that advertising can never achieve, simply because advertising is paid for and is thereby perceived as being neither authentic

nor independently verifiable. Documentaries, feature stories, interviews and business reviews are seen and respected by all stakeholders. Journalists, especially editors and columnists are often regarded as seasoned veterans who uphold of the truth and verify their facts. Their views, reviews and stories are often held in high esteem and those with specialist backgrounds, past careers in specific fields or those considered independent authorities are well respected and trusted.

Ethical and responsible publicity and strategically managed communication exercises will allow one to build their reputation through the priceless endorsement of these personalities. Public Relations, if implemented on a strategic basis can thus increase a company's sales, boost market share, enhance profit margins and even raise the share price and value of the company. Public Relations forms the very cornerstone of any sensible communications or marketing campaign.