Financial Services

We have considerable expertise in the financial sector from international investment funds and accounting firms to the biggest banks in the Middle East, SJA with its partner Origin Group serves some of Asia's leading financial companies. The financial sector..


Property Development

We have worked with the leading property developers in Malaysia including Namfatt Corporation Berhad, Amarin Luxury Developments, Magna Prima Berhad, Urban Development Authority (UDA), SM Land Group, OSK Property Berhad..


Building Materials & Construction

We represent one of the world leaders in construction building materials - Holcim Malaysia, part of the Swiss conglomerate cement, concrete and aggregates group and some of Malaysia's leading construction companies including Namfatt...


Oil & Gas

We understand that the energy sector is regarded by most nations as one of national and strategic importance. The risks, dangers and sensitivities that make up the nature of work conditions and the business landscape of this industry necessitates an emphasis on crises...



Industrial clients in the utilities, infrastructure, transportation, chemical and aviation sectors have unique needs, showcasing the value of their services and products, managing stakeholders such as the government, general public and handling industry or business...


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