Financial Communications

SJA and our partners Origin Group, have extensive experience in financial and corporate reporting production, this translates to an accentuated understanding of corporate reporting, international best practices, the role of sustainability, business-reporting sensitivities. All of which are invaluable for Investor Relations and Initial Public Offering (IPO) communications. In the present climate of a shaky global financial environment the general public, institutional investors and traditional speculative investors are all looking beyond the books and numbers.

Public Relations can play a key role by telling the story, beyond what the numbers show and financial experts say, of the future of companies that have great potential and deserve an opportunity to grow. PR can showcase the hidden potential behind the company and other unseen value that financial accounting has no way of putting a number on. SJA Public Relations has effectively positioned alternative investment companies like TFDC Corporation Berhad and audit and accounting firm Urbach Hacker Young (UHY) Malaysia as leaders in their respective markets.

Like our other clients, they have seen very tangible and even astonishing growth in their business. When customers see and understand the value of what a client provides over their competition the response is sometimes overwhelming. We believe financial communications requires an understanding and appreciation of each financial environment market, the ability to develop compelling narrative to support the clients' investment histories and proactive strategies to react to opportunities based on market conditions.

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