Crisis and Issues Management

SJA Strategic PR advises clients on how to prepare them in navigating through complex issues while keeping their reputation intact. Crisis and issues management is one of SJA Strategic PR expertise. Planning for crisis and issue management is critical. A poorly handled situation can jeopardize company's corporate image

and can entirely undermine a corporation's credibility. Company's actions including activities and conduct at the early hours of a crisis will determine whether it sustains or avoids major damage to its reputation. SJA Strategic PR will ensure close proximity between us and our client to ensure that their first reaction and

response is appropriate. At the time of crisis we believe delivering key massages and stakeholder's communication are the two important elements that need to be carefully strategies. Focusing on these two elements, we set our strategy and we offer tailor-made planning and development of crisis management procedures,

training of spokesperson as well as providing assistance as a crisis unfolds. We respect our client's confidentiality hence preventing situations from becoming media events.

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