Consumer Marketing

Advertising excessively drives today's consumer marketing, few businesses understand the value of telling their story, sharing their knowledge and educating their consumers. Public Relations has a key role to play and advertising should be strategically conceptualised and placed in line with the key messages and strategy adapted for the business.

We believe that through creatively placed publicity across a broad spectrum of media platforms, we can find new and engaging ways of interacting with consumers. Credibility and third party endorsement through the media can play a substantial role in consumer psychology. SJA Public Relations begins each engagement with the strategic process to identify appropriate action consumer for a brand and proceed with brand socialization to strengthen consumer relevancy and Our case studies provide evidence of well-executed campaigns that have successfully repositioned a product, service or brand significantly enough for the business to see a very real and dramatic financial impact. This can help raise brand recognition and awareness, increase market share, profitability and establish brand value for the business's products and services.

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