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Devnani Jewels

We began our engagement with Devnani Jewels in the early stages of their business planning and were responsible for developing their brand identity, from the logo, stationary and brand image guidelines to the website and promotional material.

Identity & Branding
Web Design
Boutique Opening Launching


The logo and stationary use complimentary colors and distinct modern fonts and styles appeal to a younger, more brand conscious and vibrant demographic that the company was keen to attract.


This is one of our simplest and yet perhaps best-loved work, keeping the website uncluttered, minimalist and product focused was our key challenge. Again it embodies our signature custom design work that makes it one of the most appealing websites of a jeweler in the Malaysian. The project was guided by the strategic brand positioning we had established early on. Based on these guidelines limited selections of products are featured and is limited to one a page for emphasis and brand building.


We assisted with the launch event where Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz was our client's guest of honor. She launched the boutique amidst much fanfare and cocktails attended by clients, friends and family.