Public Relations

Our philosophy is to provide a high level of expertise and service. What sets us apart is our Strategic Approach to PR, where we create innovative, sustainable, long-term solutions to challenges and threats facing our clients. Our services include:

Media Relations

Beyond distributing releases and evaluating opportunities for editorial placements, the experience of the journalist, the quality of their writing, their reputation and readership following are all taken into consideration to maximise the impact, value and quality of the publicity. You can bank on our strong relationship and intimate knowledge of the media to achieve the most effective results for your pr campaign.


Media Events

We regularly handle press and media events including media luncheons, press conferences, media previews, media product and service launches all designed to enthrall, entertain and position the brand or company in the public eye.


Media Communications

With an established in-house editorial desk we are very quickly able to create, disseminate and publicise a variety of press and media communication materials including press releases, position statements, key announcements, commentary, comprehensive and customised press kits, feature stories and article, coverage pitches, speeches and media monitoring among other things.


Issues & Crises Management

Know what how great the precautions sometimes accidents happen! Employee injuries, an accident involving customers or the public, a lawsuit or legal judgment, a public protest, a environmental disaster, a lapse in ethical conduct by a supplier, employee, management. Talk to us about managing the impact of a such problems.


Community Relations

Often business aspirations and communal concerns pave the way for clash in interests. In these circumstances communication is vital towards maintaining clarity, dispelling rumours, calming nerves and keeping a channel of contact open. Sometimes it is quite the opposite, if you actively want to engage the community; as a part of a marketing, branding or other strategy or objective; speak to us.


CSR Communications

If you are keen on establishing a CSR routine or have one that needs implementation we can help. Because there is a need to share these efforts and visions with your stakeholders and the general public we work with the media to lend a voice to the cause or causes you support.


Change Communications

Undergoing a corporate reorganisation or restructuring? Changing CEO or business direction and philosophy? Refocusing your operations? Ask us about how you can effectively communicate this to your key stakeholders in an effective and clear manner.


Human Resource Communications

Are you having a hard time finding the right talent? Can't seem to get enough eligible applicants? Loosing quality employees and prospects to bigger competitors? Talent is one of the biggest problems we hear clients complain and hey you are who you are, so what if you're not the biggest name? Contact us for a free consultation and find out how we can help you attract the talent you need.


Public Affairs

Lobbying government for something and tired of waiting for months or even years on end for things to materialise? Talk to us about how different facets of pr can be deployed to your advantage.


SJA together with our partner Origin Group offers extensive expertise in brand creation, development, implementation, management and growth. Our services include:

Brand Concept

The brand concept establishes the shape a brand will take and the direction in which it will develop and grow. It will ultimately define everything from the value proposition to the pricing to the manner in which it is marketed and sold. This is the most fundamental aspect of building a brand, talk to us if you're looking
to launch an iconic brand.


Brand Strategy

With competition becoming more and more intense, consumer expectations continue to rise and evolve so that businesses now must take great pains to effectively target their consumer for long-term success. If you're looking for ways to create your unique brand experience but don't know what to do, call us for a no obligation consultation.


Brand Identity

If you're looking for ways in which your customers can clearly visualise and interpret the experience and promise of your brand then translating the brand concept and strategy into a clear and effective identity for your business is vital. Ask us how we do it!


Brand Image

This is the perception customers and other stakeholders have of a company, product or brand through a set of values they have come to associate it with based on the experience they have had. It is a mind impression that signifies what the brand, product or company stands for. We help build great brands by sensitively managing the brand image and enhancing it.


Brand Positioning

A company, a product or a brand must have a positioning concept because if you don't position your business, your competitor will, damaging your long-term business interests. One of our core competencies is in effectively positioning; repositioning or de-positioning our client. The success of the first two depends on identifying and communicating a brand's uniqueness, differentiation and value. The last involves removing all association of a business, product or brand from another within a pool in a group, or from a particular element or activity formerly associated with.


Brand Alignment

When you've been around a long time or if you have been growing organically or if you've just plain been using too many agencies and creatives, things start getting messy and blurry. Wasn't that blue on your logo originally turquoise? Isn't it odd how the font, design and concept of your company profile, website and annual report differ so much? When your brand starts accidentally evolving you need to align it, and fast! Going in all directions visually can lead to confusion and when customers cannot clearly identify with the brand or the brand itself then you're really in trouble. Ask us how we are helping prominent personas and brand carry out this exercise.


Brand Promotion

If you're looking to drive growth and sales through the right combination of events, advertising, brand loyalty activities, promotions and marketing carefully targeted for maximum effectiveness, then you've come to the right place!



Editorial + Creative

We take a strategic approach to creative work; we understand the role and importance these brand assets can play in driving the growth and raising the value of a company or organisation. Our best work is often audience and target specific and achieves a specific positioning that has very real and tangible financial implications for our clients.

Annual Reports, Sustainability Reports, CSR Reports

Corporate reporting is not just a regulatory requirement; it's the management's report card and is a reflection of the management's we work with companies that are genuinely desirous of ensuring their reporting is of good quality, follows international best practice and really makes an effort to reach out to and connect with its shareholders and key stakeholders.

Company Profiles

A company profile is an essential document, it presents a side to the company an annual report or other document can never. It showcases the philosophies, the hidden value and the potential for growth. A good company profile showcases the past and documents the journey and present day position, the most effective and influential ones go beyond, they paint a picture of the future, of what can be and of where the company is headed and hints and why it'll get there. We create company profiles that position the company, the business, the management as ideal business partners, as ideal custodians and as ideal employers.

Coffee Tablebooks

We have extensive experience in publishing and producing high quality Anniversary books, philanthropic publications, corporate memorabilia and special corporate assignments focusing on sustainability, the environment, indigenous people, culture, art or other objectives close to your business or organisation's core philosophies. Visit us to explore our extensive portfolio.

Brochures and Professional Sales Materials

We painstakingly craft experiential brochures and related marketing and sales materials that clearly and convincingly position the product or service, the company and the value created in the eventuality of a transaction. This requires an appreciation for the nuances of doing business in the respective industry as well as an understanding for the limitations of our client and the complexities of that market. A great brochure intelligently accounts and accommodates for these.

Property Awards

We are the official agency for the International Property Awards (UK) in Malaysia and Singapore and their "preferred submissions partner", our specialist Awards Division also has considerable experience with the highly coveted FIABCI and Malaysian Property Awards. We assist and advise developers, international real estate companies and architects these and a number of other such awards.

CSR, Transparency and Sustainability Awards

As part of a holistic brand communications plan we sometimes encourage and advise clients to participate in prestigious awards. We are well versed with the submission process of the most widely recognized and respected ones and documentation involved and manage the entire process for our clients.

Media Planning & Buying

We handle media buying for all major print, online, television, radio and outdoor media within Malaysia and Singapore. We also have tie-ups with several publishing groups in India, Hong Kong and the UK. Call us for a discussion.


We provide a sophisticated service that integrates strategy and planning with development, management and maintenance of you digital needs, as a consultancy we see our role as one that moves from advisory to implementation and ultimately giving a return on your investment. Our services include:


Digital Communications Strategy

Understanding the demographics, the usage and behavioral patterns of consumers of various technologies, devices and platforms is vital in establishing and planning the communicative and branding needs of the client in relation to their respective stakeholders, apportioning investment and managing priority digital assets will enable businesses and organisations to make the most effective use of their investment and resources.

Content development and management

From interface design, planning and testing to copywriting, photography and more our complete solution for creating and managing content is handled by our team of local and international experts including art directors, designers, copywriters, editors and proof readers all overseen by our international editorial director. Thus you're assured of flawless English, superb design and simplicity that results in a great digital experience for your audience.

iPad, iPhone, Android Apps

We produce sophisticated apps that comply with all legal, statutory and international best practice standards using legitimate software, licensing and enterprise server systems allowing us to guarantee the quality, reliability and availability of your app. We are an authorized Apple and Android app developer and diligently maintain our certifications and software and licensing compliance so you'll never have to explain a disappearing app to your management.

Multi – Platform Websites

Today corporate websites need to be far more sophisticated to accommodate a plethora of new technologies and an ever-evolving digital communication landscape. Being social media savvy and accommodating for multiple browsers, operating systems, multiple device sizes and configurations makes a good website, ensuring the experience is aligned across all makes it simply great. We build websites that deliver great web experiences across all platforms.

Mobile Websites

Almost 50% of web browsing is now done on mobile devices and this is set to dominate by 2015 according to studies by Morgan Stanley. Understanding this emerging audience's demographics, usage and behavior patterns will define the success of your digital reach and ambitions. We build websites that cater to the needs and use of this audience and optimising and balancing these within the confines of these devices, platforms and technologies to produce great results.

Digital iBooks, E-books, Tablet Books

Companies and organisations can further enhance their brand reach by digitizing their key external communication assets including company profile, newsletters, sales kits, research papers, corporate reports and more, making these available to the world with a simple touch.

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